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1 become established in a new location; "Our company relocated to the Midwest"
2 move or establish in a new location; "We had to relocate the office because the rent was too high"

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from re- + locate


  1. to move (something) from one place to another
    We had to relocate the magazine rack because we bruised our shins on it too frequently when it was near the door.
  2. to change one's domicile or place of business
    Alfred relocated to Colorado Springs to take advantage of the boom in the defense industry.


to move (something) from one place to another
to change one's domicile or place of business

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anchor, billet at, bivouac, burrow, camp, carry away, carry off, cart away, colonize, come to anchor, delocalize, dislodge, displace, domesticate, drop anchor, ensconce, establish residence, hive, inhabit, keep house, lay aside, live at, locate, manhandle, moor, move, nest, park, people, perch, populate, put aside, remove, reside, roost, send, set aside, set up housekeeping, set up shop, settle, settle down, shift, shunt, side, sit down, squat, stand, stay at, strike root, take away, take residence at, take root, take up residence
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